Speech And Drama

This is a powerful way to enhance a life of effective communication. Students would be able to develop self-confidence, think out of the box and take risks, most importantly overcoming their fear of public speaking. They would also learn empathy as they identify themselves with others, through the various characters they play. This would help them develop a life long skill of having a deeper connection with people.



MindTools Club

  • Empower your child to Discover , Learn and Apply breakthrough techniques into their studies.
  • The study skills that your child will learn will put them ahead of the other students in school in terms of academic achievements.
  • It is your answer for your child to be focused , motivated and to excel academically .
  • Develop Creative Thinking and problem solving skills
  • Develop a positive mindset that will make your child not to refuse a challenge

Creative Media Club

  • To develop an understanding of the effects of mass media on students as individuals and also upon society and how the media influence our understanding of reality.
  • To develop skills to deconstruct media messages by making them understand the constructed nature of media.
  • To develop skills to encourage the production of creative media messages.
  • To encourage students to express their feelings and thoughts through media messages they produce.
  • To introduce students to various career opportunities in mass media.

English Society

  • To provide a recreational and consolidating opportunity for students to learn and practice English.
  • To create an awareness of themselves as individuals with special different talents and capacities.
  • To give vent to students' creative talents.
  • Provide encouraging atmosphere for students to express personal views about whatever they choose.
  • Develop students’ personality.

Technological Innovation Club

  • To provide best exposure platform for the students to have great foundation of electronic principles and learning experiences which are related in coding learning process.
  • To provide best exposure platform for the students to have excel hand-on practice and learning experiences in electronic circuit boards which are related in applications of digital era.
  • Removal of all teaching and learning practices in traditional ways of classroom.
  • Money-worth activities with higher and better learning outcomes and efficiency.
  • Experienced and knowledgeable mentor in guiding the students to enhance learning experiences.

Reading Club

  • To encourage all students to reach their full potential as independent learners and develop a positive attitude to life-long learning.
  • To foster the enjoyment of reading as a recreational activity in all members of the school.
  • To provide the opportunities for the students to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to access library resources.
  • To develop an awareness in students of the importance of books and other resources as a means of recording and sharing human achievements, failures and aspirations.
  • To contribute to the development of positive personal attributes within each student.

Money Tree

  • Develop your child to be financially savvy by understanding the financial concepts such as saving, investing, interest, assets vs liabilities, and etc.
  • Help your child acquire the right money habits like “Save Early & Save Often”, “Plan Before you Spend”, and etc.
  • Applied knowledge where by your child is given money, credit card, jobs, etc and put through a ‘mini economy’ for a real life experience
  • To develop character, helping your child be more self confident, more adaptable in problem solving, delevop important leadership, social & networking skills.

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