We believe that God has His purposes for your family in leading your family here.
Education is a crucial part of every child’s life.
At Grace Resource Centre, we are committed to provide a strong foundation in a child’s life through balanced and wholesome education.
  • Character building
  • Appreciation of the Arts & Music
  • Effective communication
  • Preparation to face a complex society
With this in mind, we work closely with parents, to ensure that children and young people receive sound foundation in Christ-centred education to prepare them to lead responsible and fruitful lives.
We pray that parents will rise up to the call of God to take dominion over their children’s lives for the purposes of God, to raise them as He would have them raised. God has made the family His basic training institution. Therefore, it is God’s intention for the parents to accept the responsibility for the teaching and training of children.

In His Service,

Rev. Dr. Henry K. Pillai

Senior Pastor /Founder